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Phase I

At the outset of Smart-Rural-Health, a prospecting and consolidation study will be carried out. During this time, we will drive a literature review Smart Rural Health (Remote monitoring) and required skills in Asia and Europe. A set of questions will be conducted with a sample of Smart Rural Health use cases identified by the target partner. The produced report will consist of an overview on SMART Rural Health vision in both Europe and Asia and the Skills needed to empower Pakistan in challenging rural health problems. Two workshops grouping health workers, patient and academic institution will be set up in Pakistan and UK, to complete the vision of the skills needed in safe rural health.

Phase II

This part will be dedicated to design and develop the material and program for training and teaching. Based on the report outputs on “Skills4.0: How CEO shapes the future of the work in Asia” and the key industry4.0 elements (Cyber physical System; IOT, internet of service, smart factory, cloud computing, big data, …), Smart-Rural-Health proposes following three meta training programs:

  • Smart components: The use of remote monitoring technologies including smart sensors plays an important role amongst others in optimization of use of rural health facilities. The communication network, protocols, security are grouped with wireless communication.

  • Big Data and Data analytics: Combining the open data with sensor data results the variety and varicosity of data collection. The technology to deal with the mentioned features is known as Big Data.

  • Skills Development: Develops health workers' skills in three steps: 1) Understanding basics tools for analyzing remote health monitoring. 2) Basics and practices to analyze a data acquired from different patients, and 3) Performance evaluation of communication channel between rural and urban area.

Phase III

Smart-Rural-Health goes in quality assessment training process and project. The EU countries with the involvement of the PC, will develop the Quality plan of smart Health trainer, make the training programs eligible, measure transfer training Effectiveness and set up Sustain the Training Smart Health Units”. Alongside, work-page 4 and work-package 5, operate horizontally to ensure project scope, high quality results, easy execution, dissemination and visibility.


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