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The second hybrid plenary meeting of Sensing, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Networking towards Rural Health (SAFE-RH) project was held from Nov 21 to Nov 24, 2022. It was a five day workshop which was held at UWS, UK, Paisley Campus.

The second hybrid plenary meeting of Sensing, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Networking towards Rural Health (SAFE-RH) project was held from Nov 21 to Nov 24, 2022. It was a five day workshop which was held at University of the West of Scotland, UK at Paisley Campus. The participants from following partner Universities were present physically on the event whereas, University of the Lorraine, France participated online.

  • - University of the West of Scotland (UWS) UK, Paisley Campus
  • - Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad Pakistan
  • - COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Wah Campus Pakistan
  • - Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB), Pakistan

Aim: The aim of this workshop was to demonstrate the performance of MIS in the real time and to analyze the current status of project and to chalk out the strategies ahead to achieve the targets successfully.

Day 1: (21/11/2022)

Day one started with the introduction and with a welcome note by Professor Dr. Naeem Ramzan. Professor Dr. Naeem Ramzan presented the overall progress of the SAFE-RH project. After that each partner team from Pakistan presented their progress report. 

CUST Partner: Dr. Nayyer Masood introduced CUST SAFE-RH team. He presented the work done so far w.r.t. deliverables and research work and publications by different MS and PhD students under SAFE-RH. He also presented the research work of students on the topics i.e. Human activity recognition, attribute based encryption, fall detection, stroke prediction and model drifting.  He also gave introduction of MIS and its modules.

CUI Partner: Dr. Ehsan Ullah Munir from COMSATS presented their progress report and gave introduction of mobile application which they are developing. He updated on progress about the Pilot and research activities carried out under SAFE-RH theme. 

IUB Partner: Dr. Dost Muhammad presented progress report from IUB. He also discussed the trainings which they have prepared and delivered to medical students.

UWS Partner: Later on, different students from UWS gave research presentations on how to observe dehydration in women, heart rate detection through camera, COVID-19 and pneumonia detection from X-ray and stress prediction. Before closing the session and demo setup Professor Dr. Naeem Ramzan initiated the answer/question session.

Day 2: (22/11/2022)

On day two, an exhibition of different R&D projects, including SAFE-RH, was held. These projects are being developed in the research lab of Dr. Naeem Ramzan. The exhibition was inaugurated by Pakistan counselor Syed ***. It was also attended by the Principal of the Paisley campus of UWS, Dean and Associate Deans of Faculty of Computing, different faculty members, students, public in general and media representatives. The demos of different projects were very keenly observed by the participants. They were specially interested in the working of SAFE-RH, and many participants tested the working of MIS by testing their vitals and seeing the output on SAFE-RH console. The working of AI model was also shown to the participants. Healthy presence of media personnel provided a good coverage of event. The reps of different TV channels conducted interviews with the SAFE-RH team members and also of the participants. These interviews have been broadcasted at different channels. Overall, it was a successful event attracting different stakeholders.

Day 3: (23/11/2022) 

Day three started with the introduction and research presentations by COMSATS and University of Lorraine. Demo of real time testing of MIS by multiple users as doctor, paramedic and patients was also presented remotely.

After that the forum was opened for discussion on further future steps. After lunch break the session was open for discussions on pilots and on integrations. All partners discussed plans for future deliverable and Pilots. 

Day 4: (24/11/2022) and Day 5: (24/11/2022)

Performed integration activities.


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