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SAFE-RH all Partners Meeting at CUST, Islamabad

On October 26, 2023, Prof. Dr. Naeem Ramzan, UWS, Scottland visited CUST Islamabad, for meeting with all partner universities. In the meeting all partner universities including CUI, Wah, IUB, Bahawalpur, UWS, Scottland participated physically whereas University of Lorraine, France joined through online link. The objective of the meeting was to discuss progress of pilots of each partner and development of Management Information System (MIS), Mobile Application, and offline variant of MIS. Shortcomings to reach Minimum Viable Product (MVP) were discussed and all partners agreed to meet these shortcomings at earliest. In addition to this, test plans for all three developed products were discussed and decided to be initiated soon after MVP is finalized. Prof. Dr. Naeem Ramzan also emphasized training plans for the target audience.   

Afterward, an individual meeting with CUST, Islamabad team was held with Prof. Dr. Naeem Ramzan, and the financial and management aspects of the SAFE-RH project were discussed. Prof. Dr. Nayyer Masood discussed the challenges faced during the development of elderly people pilot and presented future line of actions. 


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